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The full text of The Echo By Seas will be available in April for preview, and purchase at digital library, and retail outlets, worldwide; or to download at official Soda Tom sites.

The tentative release date is set for Tuesday, April 30.

The third, and final volume, Soda Tom’s “^; or, Caret,” is slated for release in November.  

“The Shadows,” Volume I of the trilogy, The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom, is available to preview, purchase, or download.

The complete work is expected in 2019.

Download (PDF):    “The Shadows”     |   “The Echo By Seas”


If you’re new to our series, Soda Tom’s trilogy serial, The Echo By Seas, the odyssey of a Marsh College instructor from Coney Island, New York, began in 2017, on Tumblr, with The Shadows.

Main topics of the serial include diverse subjects of science fiction, heart disease, and our eventual travels in space, in the standard form of a novel, novella, and a collection of short stories.

A reprise of The Shadows appeared here last summer, 2018, including popular “PUB FX,” or “Special Effects for Literature,” consisting of a musical theme, inline links to Abstract Art, and, of course, “The Fizz,” — an exegesis of the subject matter.

The finale of the second volume, The Echo By Seas, appeared Saturday, April 6.

The final book, “^: or Caret,” arrives this Thanksgiving.

Free download is available at TUMBLRand through Google Ads (Docs).

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