Editors’ Note: The world-wide premiere of “The Echo By Seas,” Season II, is Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018, at 12 PM EST.


Feature Presentations of the Original Series (2018)

Season I  (“The Shadows”)

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 Act I: Aji

1 | Aji

2 | “Celestial Hopscotch”

3 | “waking in, the sere dawn, /

4 | the dire wolf

5 | Presage

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Act II: Orison

6 | “…treble soft…”

7 | The Stanley Coup

8 | Buoys

9 | The Last Clown

10 | Adagio

Act III: Timing

11 | Rx

12 | “A Bump Named Peggy”

13 | The Shadows

14 | Timing

15 | Laniakea

“The Shadows” is Part I of

The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories by Soda Tom;

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All Rights Reserved.

Created by Soda Tom

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Program Notes

The site may be unavailable Saturdays, from 0400 to 0800 E.S.T., in order to update the official site, and present the next episode. will be unavailable from 0400 EST to 1200 EST on November 22, 2018, to present the premiere of Season II.

How do we access Part I (“The Shadows”) when Part II begins?

A special widget has been added to the Front Page of the official site, allowing the viewer to click to Season I, and PUB FX for “The Shadows.” [Click, Season I]

Or click here! Season I

“The Shadows” is also be accessible on the Main Menu (top left).



⊕ Did you know Soda Tom titles, including “The Shadows,” can also be downloaded on Tumblr? Link. (The books are available at library services sites, including OverDrive, and Bibliotheca.) ⊕ The playlist, “Flea Markets, Nos. 1-45,” may be expanded in the course of the original series to include additional content. ⊕ The final edition of “The Shadows” is now available for download. ⊕ All episodes will be available upon their release.  

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