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(b): the sun, solar wind, İo, g, w; the moon, io, or Io, is spelled with a special character, “İ,” the capital Latin letter “i,” to clarify different formats, where it may appear to be an “L”; “spacerip,” youtube; marshall solar physics; nasa; socratic; nasa gsfc; g; and “dijection,” g, w; Katherine Tynan, “The Wind That Shakes The Barley”; pioneer theory, or “Pio,” w, g; also photosynthesis, chlorophyll, gales (definition), and The Weather Window; Neptune, Venus, photosphere, w, g, and solar wind.

3 – Alligators, National Geographic, Smithsonian.

4 – Factual information of a medical nature include US National Libary of Medicine, National Jewish Health, Wikipedia, Wikiwand, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Google, Ottawa Heart Institute, HealthLine, American Heart Association, University Health News, Yahoo, and VeryWell Health; example of heart failure is hypothethical; diamond planet, g.

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