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Virtual Views, & The Future

Occasionally, we use a little down time to discuss the future on Medium, which, in America, is often equated to new technology, and much less, or more seldom the Short Story.

This concerns less a classical “alloy,” or type of literary format, and more “Pub FX,” or “Special Effects for Literature,” that is, “Virtual View (v2).”

 It’s our belief that business participation, and staying sociable in the industry, may cause Short Story writers to sample the bounty of art, music, photography and the many other compliments of the internet.

To be honest, we imagine this feature one day produced with the newest visions of internet technology: A for instance — Suppose one was yearning to read Soda Tom all the day long; at home, he or she informs their Amazon Home kit, or another brand of internet system and suddenly, inside, the entire show appears on the living room wall, and a dispenser pours chilled wine into a glass on the end table; or, alternately, the show begins on a Spectrum kitchen island, a holograph built into the counter; a Sir Alec Guinness-type of reader charms the viewer with his unique style; or, say, immersive technology, where the viewer is embedded in the actual streets of Coney Island, New York, or “Alley 13,” replete with the overcast skies, taxi horns, sights, smells, and sounds of New York City.

It does give one pause.

Of course, there are many applications already exploring this possibility, from Medium Series to Tapas, and a variety of new mobile apps. It is the modern canvas, and maybe the avenue for Print to park again near Network Television, and Motion Pictures. Picture the daily newspaper product available on inset monitor of the kitchen island, or stretching out on the wide screen. We can envision these applications for our feature, sooner than later, and dare we say, will click on the “Apply” button ASAP.

(Here are a few primers for the “Read Aloud” function, available for most browsers.)

Microsoft Office, “Speak”

Adobe Acrobat, “Read Aloud”

Apple, Reading Support

Dsylexia Help, 10 Tools

What is an Alloy?

An “alloy” is a special template for creative writing, derived from “blogs,” or serials appearing every day on the internet. The goal of an Alloy, a new concept, is a presentation of short fiction, including “flash fiction,” as an original series.

Soda Tom discusses a serial, in the context of an Alloy, in his interview of July 1, 2017:  “Among the early influences of a new ‘Alloy,’ which are comprised in raw form by the modern blog, are such famous serials as de Balzac’s One Thousand and One Nights; of course, Dickens’ Pickwick Papers; but also much of the early, and important popular fiction published, in newspapers, and magazines, from Mark Twain to Flaubert.

In fact, there is only a temporal difference between a serial, an Original Series, and a blog.  An ‘Alloy’ enhances the fine line, seeking to provide a conceptual form of entertainment that can be adapted from a serial, or series, into any of the other major forms of presentation, from a Literary Play to a Novel to a Screenplay or “Treatment.”

Most science fiction is about space. Is there any other kind?


Most science fiction is about space. Is there any other kind?


Usually science fiction is viewed conventionally as fantasy, and fantasy about space, in general. But there are other notable genres, including the adaptation of subject matter about science; this includes anything from non-fiction documentary to everything from movies about viruses, and  hospitals.

Intentionally, the three volumes of The Echo By Seas consider a number of other areas in the realm of science, and the primary theme, physics, contains all of them. Notably, we consider the daily aspects of the mercurial, long-term affliction, Heart Disease. Among these other areas of “science fiction” are subjects in physics, aeronautics, biology, botany, medicine, engineering, ontology, psychology, microbiology, geology, meteorology, astrophysics, and many more.

All of these are game to us, albeit, as we might expect, professional scientists may still call it all “fantasy.”

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