The original series contains a variety of features, collectively named PUB FX, or “PUB F⊗,” “Special Effects for Literature,” updated to appear each Saturday.

The feature presentations of The Echo by Seas;  & Other Stories by Soda Tom trilogy are designed for 90 minutes in duration, affording time to read the Short Story, and enjoy the PUB F⊗ Essays — Photo Carousel; Musical Theme; Abstract Art; Download; v2; and, of course, “The Fizz.” 

Parental Guidance (“All Audiences”) is included in GREETINGS for each episode. (Eds.: Season II contains “Intense Drama,” and some episodes may not be suitable for young persons.)

SEASON II (Episodes) |   SEASON I (Highlights)




ABSTRACT ART: A selection from the broad canvass of excellent Abstract Art available on the internet is included as the Featured Image for each Episode, with color match. (An attribution link to the artist’s page appears in as “Special Credit” in widgets.) 

CAROUSEL: The photographs for our story are compiled, and randomized in a carousel in the PUB FX widgets appearing at the bottom of the “GREETINGS” page. (All of the photos for the trilogy are included for the slideshow.)

COLOR MATCH: The Original Series uses a Color Match theme with Abstract Art, so the color pattern of the official site will change from Episode to Episode, automatically matching the featured effects.

MUSICAL THEME: At the conclusion of the Episode is a musical theme, highlighting the subject matter of the story. This is presented as “Juke Box.”

The score, a myopic vaile, is entitled “Flea Markets, Nos. 1-45,” is updated weekly, and appears as a PUB FX widget. It may be extended for additional material (e.g., Nos. 1-50).

“THE FIZZ”: A popular feature, “The Fizz” explores the subject of physics for each Episode in more detail, and provides a link to Wikipedia for further information. 

“The Fizz” appears every week in the PUB FX widget section. 

EXTRA: The “Extra” page provides additional information about the trilogy. It can be found on the Main Menu.

v2 (Virtual View):  Please see our page, which discusses the our view of the future of technical specs for the Short Story.