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^; or Caret, by Soda Tom, vol. III of III:

The continuing references utilized in this volume include Wikiwand (W), Google (G),, and

1-” Evolution…the wings of a butterfly,” Charles Darwin;; Google;; the Canadian naturalists, the Urguhars, discovered the propensity in their research; the trek of the monarchs is also the subject of various accounts, including an NBC documentary hosted by Dylan Dreyer, in 2016; in September, 2019, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, recounted the history of Refuge Beach in coverage of Hurricane Dorian;

4-Morbidity statistics compiled for the year 2016 by “,” comparable to the World Health Organization; “Lives of the Saints”; please see “medical disclaimer,” under “Heart Disease.” 


6Space.Com.; Wikipedia; Duke University, environmental anthropology; Washington Post com; the “iced tea” commercial from Lipton was similar to “orange hi-C” commercial from the same era, both based upon “High Hopes,” and the lyrics from Frank Sinatra, where “iced tea” and “orange hi-C” were substituted for “rubber tree plant.”

10-Mention of a magical cat, which appear in various incarnations, include notably the Old Irish tales, The Voyage of Bran, and The Voyage of Mael Duin, written in the 900’s A.D. The latter two have similarities.

Similarly in chapter 31, of The Voyage of Máel Dúin, one of Máel Dúin’s men is sent to investigate, cannot stop laughing, loses the ability to recognize his crew, and is eventually left behind. More comparisons appear at Wikiwand.

7- Icarus,

8-For more information, see ESPN’s “Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau.” 9-In the first, Limited edition, this episode was entitled, “Nein.”

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11-”moirai,” or “moirae,”, and;

12-Wikipedia; legal protections, such as a letter to a collector, can be found on-line, including certain restraints pertaining to debt collectors, as noted here by MarketWatch; assertions made by the historical figures are fictional, and may, or may not, represent the actual opinion of those figures, or their descendants, organizations, or any other party; “looking for …know,” Simon & Garfunkel; Robert Frost, Desert Places; There is interesting support about the “halving grip” of heart disease among the professional community in psychology; from the “joy that kills,” Kate Chopin’s 1894 “The Story of an Hour,” “The Story of an Hour”; eNotes; and a 1984 PBS production, “The Joy That Kills.” Another dramatization was produced in 2016.

[Later subsidiary editions may contain a second part to this episode, entitled, “Three, if by Air: The Camel from the Pleiades.”]

13- Miccosukee, et al; Google; Wikiwand; references to lyrics, Bruce Springsteen; Neil Young, & Crazy Horse; Robert Frost; this episode was entitled “Fate” in the limited edition.

14- The “motto” is from the 1972 Warner Brothers film, “Deliverance.”

15-”azulejo,” a Portugese tile, is pronounced “ah-zoo-lei-how.”