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The publisher of Soda Tom’s “^; or, Caret,”, announced today the third, and concluding volume of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories will be available for Black Friday, and Cyber Monday at all retail locations for $ 0.99.

The Limited Edition of “Caret” [No. 01-L] drops at midnight, Thursday, Nov. 28, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Rakuten, and many other well-known digital stores, and libraries.

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The original series of “Caret,” the conclusion of three seasons from Soda Tom’s The Echo By Seas; and Other Stories, is slated to begin Saturday, Nov. 30, with the finale next April.

The episodes produced for the weekly Saturday series include “Pub Fx,” or Special Effects for Literature, including art, and photography from the web; a compendium of notions belying the episodes from physics; and a musical theme, “Flea Markets, 1-45,” known as a myopic vaile.

A text, “spoiler” edition is also scheduled to appear on the Soda Tom Tumblr site, Sunday, December 1st, but not at the official site, A note from the editor on the Tumblr site said “new material” will be added to the special, Limited Edition during from the four-month series, appearing the 1st Edition of “Caret.”

The 1st, or final edition, of “Caret” is to be included in the Complete Works of Soda Tom, expected to appear in the spring, or summer of 2020. The Limited Edition will remain available at retail, and library locations. The Complete Works will contain the final version of all three first edition works, including the first, “The Shadows,” and second, “The Echo By Seas.”