Editor’s Notes

The author, Soda Tom, as you may know, suffers from heart disease. This is one of the primary topics of the trilogy, The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories.

Due to the state of Soda Tom’s health, we anticipate changes to our upcoming schedule. This may include the release, or appearance of a “Literary Play,” based on Act II of the second volume, originally planned for August. (The third volume of the trilogy, “Caret,” however, will appear later this year.)

More details will be available in four-to-six weeks.

Publisher’s Note from Soda-Tom.org about the schedule will be included at the time of a planned major upgrade for the site, Memorial Day weekend, May 28.

Additional program notes appear below.The Editors

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◊ Upcoming:

A special “renovation” of the official website, Soda-Tom.org, is scheduled for completion after the Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29.

The new site will present “Selections” from THE ECHO BY SEAS; & OTHER STORIES, BY SODA TOM, in the original serial form, on a periodic basis. 

Selections” will include PUB FX, Abstract Art, Photographs, and “Flea Markets” musical theme.


Soda.Tom.org was pleased by preliminary marketing information, which showed “The Echo By Seas” maintained a high response to the free serial presentation, from November, 2018, to April, 2019, based on Google Search SEO data, establishing a sample marketing curve ranging from 10.0% to 13.5%.

The response to the first volume, “The Shadows,” November, 2017 – October, 2018, was 9.17% of Google SEO, during the free series, and surprised with higher residual numbers (average, 11.18%) after the finale.