Welcome to the presentation of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom.

New episodes by SODA TOM appear Saturdays at this official site. (The series resumes Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving Day.)

“The Shadows,” Season I, is now available.  It is the first of three volumes (I-III), comprising the 45 episodes. All episodes are available via the Main Menu [“Episodes”]

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Season IIThe Echo By Seas,” a true serial — debuts Thanksgiving Day, at 12 pm EST, exclusively on this site. (The tentative publication date for release to our retail outlets is April 30, 2019).

Preview “Pub FX”  to view a New Age version of the Short Story! 

Program Notes

The site may be unavailable Saturdays, from 0400 to 0800 EST, in order to update the official site, and present the next episode. (An “Intermission” begins Saturday, October 20). Visitors will be invited to view previous episodes of “The Shadows”⊕ The final edition of “The Shadows” is now available for download, including links from Google Ads, and Tumblr. ⊕ Soda-Tom.Org, and the Tumblr site, may be unavailable from 0400 EST to 1200 EST, Thursday, November 22, to enable the feature presentation of Episode 1, Season II, of Soda Tom’s “The Echo By Seas” (Short Story).


⊕ Did you know Soda Tom titles, including “The Shadows,” can also be downloaded for free on Tumblr? Use this link. (These books are available at library services sites, including OverDrive, and Bibliotheca.) ⊕ The playlist, “Flea Markets, Nos. 1-45,” may be expanded in the course of the original serial to include additional content from the episodes.  ⊕ All Episodes of Season I-III will be available at, and retail outlets (text), following their release. 

How do we access Part I, “The Shadows”?

A special widget has been added to the Front Page of the official site, allowing the viewer to click to Season I, and PUB FX for “The Shadows.” [Click, Season I]

Or click here! Season I

“The Shadows” is also accessible on the Main Menu by clicking on Episodes.   

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“The Echo By Seas” is one of three works by SODA TOM

Selections have appeared on Tumblr, and Medium, including “The Shadow of Mines.”



“The Shadows,” and “The Echo By Seas,” by Soda Tom, Vols. I, II of III,

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