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As we may know, heart disease, a progressive affliction, is the leading cause of death in America, and we encourage everyone to view, and consider the page, “Heart Disease,” dedicated on our menu.

The author, Soda Tom, shortly before the conclusion of Season II, suffered reverses in his condition, “congestive heart failure,” originally diagnosed in 2015. Medical remediation, including possible surgery, as well as common sense, forces us to amend the schedule for release, and publication of the trilogy, including the following:

  • The official site will be updated with a new theme, and therefore unavailable, during the Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 25, to Tuesday, May 28.
  • The plan for the release of a “Literary Play,” on Medium, based on “Fly,” Act II of “The Echo By Seas,” in August, 2019, has been cancelled.
  • The production of Season III, ^; or, Caret, scheduled to begin this November, has also been cancelled.

It has been further decided, by the author, and owner, to release these titles to the public domain, upon his death; and, where applicable, and thereupon, issue an open, or “public domain equivalent license.” PDM 

The third book, the final volume of the trilogy, The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom, “Caret,” will appear in its entirety, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, 2019.

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