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Heart Disease, as we may know, is both a progressive affliction, and the leading cause of death in America. We encourage everyone to view the page,Heart Disease,” which appears on the menu.

The author, and creator of the original series at Soda-Tom.org, Soda Tom, suffered complications to his condition, “congestive heart failure” (CHF), shortly before the conclusion of Season II this April. He was diagnosed with CHF in 2015. It is an incurable disease.

Hence, common sense requires us to amend the schedule for the original series, in the following ways:

  • The serial presentation of Season III, — ^; or, Caret, — will begin in November.

      The date for the premiere has set for Saturday, November 30, 2019, at the normal time, in the tradition of our Saturday release. This year, it begins after Thanksgiving, and Black Friday.

The final volume of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom,“^; or, Caret,” III of III — is scheduled for release as text, and for download, on the same day, Saturday, November 30, 2019, but, to avoid spoiler alerts, only at the Soda Tom TUMBLR site.

  • Selections from I, and II will appear as a Special Presentation in a panel, and at Tumblr.

A special reprise of “Christmas Eve,” the fourth episode of “The Echo By Seas,” II of III, is slated for Saturday, December 21, here, and on TUMBLR.

  • The plan for the release of a “Literary Play,” based on “Fly,” the second Act of “The Echo By Seas,” on Medium, has been postponed.
  • The release date for the Complete Work, containing the three books, I-III, and more, has been set for the summer of 2020.
  • An “Important Notice” is included below.

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Lastly, it has been decided by the author, Soda Tom, who is also the owner of the property, to approve the licensure, and release of all titles into the public domain, upon his death.

Thereupon, and as applicable, an open license, known as a “public domain equivalent license,” from Creative Commons (CCO), shall issue with legally required attribution, at that time.

  The exausive, and warrant release date of titles in 2022, remains effective. Titles, and additional matter from the complete work, will remain permanently stored in a digital cloud.

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