The conclusion of “Caret,” the third, and final volume of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom, appears Saturday, April 4th.


Program Note

The Soda Tom Cafe, presently under construction, officially opens Saturday, August 1, 2020. It will be hosted by Tumblr, where the series began, in 2017.

(The official website presentation,, closes shortly thereafter.)

All of the primary features of this site will remain available at the new Soda Tom Cafe, including free download of all three volumes, and the complete works,  The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories.

Additionally, a sponsor link to other properties featured in PUB FX, including the three vailes, “Flea Markets, 01-62,” (i.e., the musical themes for each episode), and “The Fizz,” the compendium of topics from each episode, will be available at The Soda Tom Cafe.

“The Shadows,” “The Echo By Seas,” and “Caret,” and the complete works (Spring, 2020), can be purchased at Amazon, digital bookstores, and libraries.


A word from the Editor:

The Limited Edition of “Caret,” known as “01-L” — (from the Edition number, “1st Edition; Volume III of III, No. 01-L,”  —  will not be available for purchase after the publication of the complete works of Soda Tom. The final act will be updated, and replaced in the Final Edition (No. 01), which appears this spring.

While both editions were crafted separately for final release, — “01-L” was viewed as a more “improvisatory,” and “stream of conscious,” reflecting the true,  and declining state of the narrator — it was felt by the author that the “material changes” to the text during the serialization were adequate to warrant a single, official copy of the work.

However, the new site, The Soda Tom Cafe, will contain, and preserve a special link to the Limited Edition,  “No. 01-L,” as a Google Page. It is the only place the Limited Edition will remain available, on a permanent basis. 


THANK YOU … to all of you who joined us this year, and in previous years, to view “The Echo By Seas.”

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Soda Tom (2018)


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