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Program Notes

The Soda Tom Cafe is now under construction, and officially opens Saturday, August 1, 2020, hosted by Tumblr, where the series began in 2017.

(The official website,, will close shortly thereafter.)

The primary features of this site will remain available at the new Soda Tom Cafe, including free download of all three volumes, and the Complete Works of Soda Tom,  The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories.

A novel, “black-and-white” edition of the work, The Echo By Seas (Novel), will appear this summer on the Tumblr site, and retail destinations.

The three works, — “The Shadows,” “The Echo By Seas,” and “Caret,” — comprising the complete works (Spring, 2020) are now available for purchase at Amazon, digital bookstores, and libraries. 


 The Soda Tom Cafe: