About the Cafe

cafe 115 irf The Original Soda Tom Cafe is designed to be easy to navigate, and more fun than the traditional industrial, and newspaper-type sites. 

The main image contains the icons available as “self-service” buttons to navigate the cafe design. 

A banner atop pages brings us back to this “About” page.

Of course, the main show is our Feature Presentation of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom. (The conclusion is slated for Saturdays, beginning Nov. 30 thru March of 2020.)

The pex play tickets icon also goes to the Curtain for New Episodes.

(The premiere of the third book of the trilogy is Saturday, November 30, 2019.)


This is the Free Download icon.


This is the icon to the “Flea Markets” theme page.

This is the “Concierge” icon.

polar_bearUse this icon to “Binge” All Episodes, or “Hibernate” from the Self-Service menu.


This is the Menu icon. Use this icon for Self-Service, including the site map, and “The Fizz” compendium.


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