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 ….. Introducing PUB F⊗ blackish 3d small

Special Effects for Literature

Use of Links

Our feature presentations includes a variety of links for Pub FX, “Special Effects for Literature.”

Art-to-Artist {a>A}: A new feature is introduced this week to be called “Art-to-Artist” (inline links), or by shorthand “{a>A}.” This feature allows the viewer to click upon any artistic material directly to the artist’s, or photographer’s share page, essentially transforming the image into a direct link.

Special credit for provisional courtesy, and access via Google, Google Images, YouTube, and Spectrum. Primary reference, Wikipedia, and Wikiwand. 

Any material included is provisional from “Share” technology, or allowed by the Creative Commons (CCO) license. Any instance where we receive information the promotional use has not been intentionally granted by the owner shall be sufficient for us to remove it. — Editors

How-To Nav

This original series contains a variety of new features, collectively nicknamed PUB FX, or “PUB F⊗” (Special Effects for Literature), which are updated on a weekly basis, and appear each Saturday.

Most notably, this original series presentation of The Echo by Seas;  & Other Stories by Soda Tom trilogy is designed for 90 minutes in duration, affording time to read (or TTX, e.g., “Read Aloud”) the Short Story, and PUB F⊗ series of Essays: Photo Carousel; Musical Theme, Abstract Art, Free Download, and, of course, “The Fizz.” 

Parental Guidance (“All Audiences”) is included at the top of the Feature page.

Special editorial direction for PUB F⊗ generally appears in Red.

Please note, the presentation is sized for a laptop, or desktop; of course, it can be resized, or put in the viewers preferred formats.

However, for the ideal experience, we recommend using a Wide Screen Portal, such as Hdmi, (e.g.,  TV, with Silk, Firefox or another Browser) to read the feature, and view the PUB F⊗  in Large-Print, from the comfort of your own easy chair. 

Tip: Try reaching out to Siri, Google, or Alexa to explore topics in “The Fizz,” or other complementary widgets! 

“PUB F⊗” …..

The series uses a Color Match theme with Abstract Art, so the color pattern of the official site will change from Episode to Episode, automatically matching the featured Art.

CUE [Host]: Atop the new episode is an Audio Message from our TTX Host, nicknamed “Ma’am,” providing a a few brief words of introduction to the page.

(Credit, and attribution for uncopyrightable materials used in the feature presentation is provided in the “Credits” section.)

ABSTRACT ART: A selection from the broad canvass of excellent Abstract Art available on the internet is included as the Featured Image for each Episode, and, as noted, is color matched for the week. (An attribution link for the artist’s page appears in “Credits,” and as a widget.) 

CAROUSEL: The photographs for our story are compiled, and randomized in a carousel in the PUB FX widgets appearing at the bottom of the “FEATURE” page. (All of the photos for the trilogy are included for the slideshow.)

MUSICAL THEME: At the conclusion of the Episode is a musical theme, highlighting the subject matter of the story.

The score, a myopic viale, entitled “Flea Markets, Nos. 1-45,” is updated weekly, and appears as a PUB FX widget. 

“THE FIZZ”: A popular feature, “The Fizz” explores the subject of each Episode in more depth, and provides a link to Wikipedia for more information. 

“The Fizz” appears every week in the PUB FX widget section. 

EXTRA: The “Extra” page provides additional material about the trilogy.

This can be found on the Main Menu.


We provide a Special Link to the official websites of all artists whose work is shared in this presentation.

Season II will feature inline hyperlinks for all PUB FX, where applicable, providing a direct art-to-Artist experience.