Art Credits


PUB FX/Art Credits

Cafe images: Alamy; curtain, inset, alldesigncreative; “Ardi,” Wikiwand.  pinterest; cafe, pexels-2467287 (agaard cafe); patio, pexels-2277653, jimenez torres; self-service, wide-open-eats; curtain, pexels-713149; entry, pexels-418806, ashwin alok; self-serve, doors, windows, pexels-2079684, 2079694; stock effects. Cover, “^; or, Caret,” CCO Pexels, photo-675662 (pixabay). 

>Special Note: See YouTube footage of the Season III Theme. [Blackmill, “The Snowman” (2017)]. 

Act II (Theme): Miracle, Blackmill.

Featured images: “Hubble’s top 100.” Credit, NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team STScl/AURA)-ESA Hubble Collaboration. Amazon.kdp;, Google Images, Wikiwand, Creative Commons (CCO); video, VEVO, YouTube. Special Credits for art/cafe:

Courtesy of, via Creative Commons (CCO) license.

Featured Image, (Episode 1) alamy, stock; wikiwand; (Episode 2), Sarah-Radzi-I’ve-Got-Your-Back-46-x-30.5-cm-Acrylic-Oil-Pastel-on-Canvas-2019 Artemis Art; I-81, Josh Sorensen; (Episode 3): “Lusitano,” Creative Market; “Mesa Verde,” Fairfield County Look;

(Episode 4) “Special Presentation,” i.; “Time Persistence”,; Pexels #220066. (Episode 5),  Pexels, 674201; Sarasota, FL, (Episode 6), ship, pexels #945470, howlers, New Scientist, goats, CBS; (Episode 7), Hydra, Chandra X-Ray Observatory; Equisetum (hyemale), wikipedia; (Episode 8), Laniakea,, Water drop, Pexels-432786; (Episode 9), front, “the pulsar gif,” gfycat; Congo, Pexels-927414; (Episode 10), front, “ngc2174,” monkey head nebula, nasa/esa; nibiru, section 51, (Episode 11), pinterest; Naitian Wang, Unsplash; (Episode 12) Ryan Fitzer; “passeriformes,” Tree of Life web project; (Episode 13)  vanity-5-piece-canvas-art-of-sunrise-landscape-red-group;; (Episode 14) Gloucester Fishermens’ Wives Memorial, pinterest;; (Episode 15)  Rowan Sims; flickr.

Also, Pexels # 276204, Complete Works; #675662, III of III; Pexels clip, CCO; pexels #418806 (ashwin alok); freestock 189916 (stage); pexels #462118. Reading Bear, Teton Gravity Research; white-and-black-moon-with-black-skies-and-body-of-water, pexels # 748626.

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