Preliminary Marketing


The preliminary marketing data from advertising buys with Google Search for a benefit, all-time, showed a click-thru rate of 10.14%, and 12.89%, respectively, for the Official Site,, and Google Ads internationally, as of November 1st.

The residual rate for the first volume, “The Shadows,” I of III, was 10.65%. Retail interest in all products was 7.37%.

The Google Search rates were significantly higher than the rates from All Search partners. The optimal rates of 10% or higher were indicated with a lower number of impressions, or approximately 100,000, from the product inception at this site in 2018. 

The optimal rate for the Tumblr site was 8.88%.


“The Echo By Seas” (II of III)

Nov., 2018 – May, 2019

Retail, 5.27%
Official Site, 10.41%
International, 12.45%
SEO (Google Search, network): Basis of 38,709 impressions; residual, n/a, during time frame; Sales, n/a (benefit).

“The Shadows” (I of III)

Nov., 2017 – May, 2019

Retail, 5.33%
Official Site, Int’l, 9.17%
Residual, 11.16%
SEO (Google Search, network): Basis of 81,606 impressions; residual; Sales, n/a (benefit). Select Locations, all-time, Google Search: Punjab, India, 15.3%; Los Angeles, 14.4%; New York. 13.4%; U.S., 10.0%.[M 4 x 109.0]