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in “THE SHADOWS,” Episode 14, “Timing” (9-23-18):

….. He left the rest home in the morning, and never lost the vivid memory. It was an overcast Florida morning, when the early fog stays in the air past sunrise, causing a haze. He saw the brick, and the gray mortar lines of the rest home façade, and felt a wonderful salt breeze from the ocean, and he covered his face with his forearm from sharp gusts of wind; rays of sunlight glanced upon the trunk of a metallic green Toyota minivan. She was a brackish, yellowing picture, with a white border, from the 19th century; anything else was crazy, people would say. She had died, of course; and then forever, his grandmother did not exist. It was striking. She was not part of the world. She was never part of it. …..



This is an alloy presentation of the Original Series, The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories by Soda Tom.

The first volume of the trilogy is The Shadows.

“The Shadows” can now be downloaded at this link.

The second volume, the title story, “The Echo By Seas,” begins this November, and the final story, ^; or, Caret,” Volume III, is slated for November, 2019.

[Editor’s Note: Volume II is set to appear as a true serial, and will not be available for download until the conclusion.]

Free download of the volumes in the trilogy contain the text.  Download of all titles remains available at this website, the “Soda Tom” Tumblr site, and, as Google Docs, via AdWords.

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