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[…from Episode 1 Part Two]:

….. “It suddenly rousted in the air, and glided into the caramel. Aji chided the LifeRaft®: “Chow the cloud!”; was, apparently, her take on PacMan. She noticed he was clinging to the armrest of the podchair, improving white knuckles with flat feet, flat, in fact, upon the nearby wall; advising him: “Just hold on a little.”

It was not reassuring. “Hydra programs the LifeRaft®. It is set to explore, and well  – to love to explore.” …..


This is an alloy presentation of the Original Series, The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories by Soda Tom.

This season, Volume II, is entitled, “The Echo By Seas.”

The first volume of the trilogy was “The Shadows,” vol. I, is available for free download at this link, and at the Tumblr publishing site. Release titles contain the text. It is available ad infinitum via Google Ads; for purchase at most popular retailers, and lending at digital library sites.

The premiere of the final volume, Caret,” Season III, is tentatively scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019.

[Editor’s Note: The final two volumes are “true serials,” which are not available for free download, or retail until the conclusion. They appear exclusively for the first time.]

A reprise of Season II is scheduled for Medium next spring.