Coming Soon…Season III

The third season, and the conclusion of The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories by Soda Tom, (III of III) begins Saturday, November 30, 2019, 0800 EST.

[A spoiler copy of the 1st Edition of volume III will be made available for download in print, the following day, or Sunday, December 1st, at the Soda Tom Tumblr site.

Editor’s Note: The third season will be presented as an Original Series, or serial, in the course of six months, from November, 2019, thru April, 2020. The editors reserve the right to make changes, additions, or corrections during the series, as has occurred in the past, for the Final Edition, slated to appear in retail outlets next spring; (n.b., the spoiler edition will not contain Pub Fx.)]

Season III:

Program Notes

The three acts will appear consecutively, and is scheduled to include a Special Presentation of “Christmas Eve,” from the volume II, only on December 24, and 25.

Two-week intermissions have been scheduled for the weeks of January 4, 2020-to- January 18, after Act I, and February 22-to-March 7, following Act II.

The finale of Volume III, and the trilogy, is slated for Saturday, April 11th.

Created by Soda Tom