1 – What is an Alloy?

2 – Science Fiction

What is an Alloy?

An “alloy” is a special template for creative writing, derived from “blogs,” or serials appearing every day on the internet. The goal of an Alloy, a new concept, is a presentation of short fiction, including “flash fiction,” as an original series.

Soda Tom discusses a serial, in the context of an Alloy, in his interview of July 1, 2017:  “Among the early influences of a new ‘Alloy,’ which are comprised in raw form by the modern blog, are such famous serials as de Balzac’s One Thousand and One Nights; of course, Dickens’ Pickwick Papers; but also much of the early, and important popular fiction published, in newspapers, and magazines, from Mark Twain to Flaubert.

In fact, there is only a temporal difference between a serial, an Original Series, and a blog.  An ‘Alloy’ enhances the fine line, seeking to provide a conceptual form of entertainment that can be adapted from a serial, or series, into any of the other major forms of presentation, from a Literary Play to a Novel to a Screenplay or “Treatment.”

Most science fiction is about space. Is there any other kind?

Yes! In general, science fiction is usually viewed conventionally as fantasy, but there are other notable genres, including the adaptation of subject matters pertaining to science from shows about hospitals to non-fiction documentary. (The bar between art and science is said to be “mathematics,” or, as Soda Tom put it, “Ontology is physics, without math.”)

The three parts of The Echo By Seas intentionally explore a number of areas in science, as the primary theme, physics, contains all of them. Among areas of “science fiction” we feature, or will feature in the future, are topics in physics, aeronautics, biology, botany, medicine, engineering, ontology, psychology, microbiology, geology, meteorology, astrophysics, and more.

We do touch on a quite a few, but professional scientists may still call it “fantasy.”


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