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     To the extent possible under the law, the person who has associated a Creative Commons license, or CC0, with this work has waived and disclaimed certain copyrights [excepting all rights, or the fair use of the property without attribution], and the related or neighboring rights to this work, upon death, and except as prohibited by law.

A “public domain equivalent license” (appearing above) may attach, and suffice, in the addition to the dedication, and attribution to The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom, or equivalent credit. The work is published from: The United States of America. [Creative Commons (CCO), April, 2019 (posthumous).]

Nota bene, the owner of the copyright does not warrant, or accept any liability, or legal or lawful exposure, in relationship to this release, or the licensed or unlicensed use of the property, in the public domain, hence and upon the time stamp of (CC) 1729 11 April 2019. (Anexausive,” whereof the owner may lawfully create a work with stated disability, under applicable laws, without any relationship, thereto) shall remain in effect during the owner’s lifetime. Violation of the exausive may result in civil, and criminal penalties, including due forfeiture of any licensed use.) No licensed use shall issue, de jure or de facto, or by any other means, until the date of the effective release of the property to the public domain; the latter shall be deemed to be coincident with the date, and the official time of a death, according to a formal death certificate, and issued by a duly-sworn public authority of law. *

A release, and license for public ownership of the property upon the death of the owner for titles created by, and attributed to, Soda Tom, by pseudonym, as in fact, issues from Soda-Tom.org, as-is, and includes the right to copy, distribute, derive, display, and perform selections from the property, with accurate attribution. Attribution for “Fair Use,” which is required by the terms of the license, and other laws, should accurately credit “The Echo By Seas; & Other Stories, by Soda Tom.” 

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A Public Domain Equivalent License, per these terms,

was executed at: 1729 11 April 2019

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* – The Disclaimer may comply as an “instrument” with the Florida Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act, FL Statute, Chapter 739; Chapter 739.201, et al, ref., “Disclaimer of Interest in Property.”

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