About the Series

If you’re new to our Original Series, or the Soda Tom trilogy, The Echo By Seas, & Other Stories, it concerns the odyssey of a Marsh College instructor from Coney Island, New York, and began on Tumblr, in 2017, with the first volume, “The Shadows.”

The Complete Works of Soda Tom, (2020)

A primary subjects of the series, a work of fiction in the classic genre, are diverse, and include aspects of science, nature, and the well, but little-known affliction, heart disease. It comprises three parts, a collection of short stories, a novel, and novella.

The narrative explores the time of the main character’s life in the latter stages of the disease, congestive heart failure, in a world separate from the workaday world. This is a new world, where one may explore small wonders normally ignored, science, and pet theories, from earth to Icarus, and a partly medicated, and wholly mystical life, which captivates him, called the “midlight.” Heart failure, or CHF, is incurable, perhaps the worst type of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

(Editor’s Note: The author, Soda Tom, worked in the newspaper industry for many years, and was diagnosed with heart failure in 2015.)

A reprise of The Shadows appeared here last summer, in 2018, with popular “PUB FX,” or “Special Effects for Literature,” which consisted of a musical theme, inline links to Abstract Art, and “The Fizz,” — an exegesis of the subject matter, based on notions of physics.

The finale of the second original series, The Echo By Seas, was April 6, 2019.

Both titles are available to download, and selections with PUB FX appear on an occasional basis. They also may be purchased from Amazon, and popular retail, and library digital locations.

The conclusion of the trilogy, — “^; or, Caret,” — premieres Thanksgiving weekend.

Free download is also available at TUMBLR, or via Google Ads (Docs).