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Hello! I’m a Florida Sandhill Crane. I want to mention the premiere of Season II is just days away. The Editors, and music dj, asked me to nudge Juke Box onto the stage. It’s a new, fancy name for our Pub FX theme, the playlist part of each episode.

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 The story returns Thursday at 12 PM, and continues into April of next year.

 Sit anywhere.

I know you’ll understand why I will be moving along (back to Episode 14) – long before the debut on Turkey Day. Noon time? On Thanksgiving Day?

Since I can’t make it, I used my beak to drag, and drop the “Theme, Season II” for us right out of Spotify!

Happy Holidays. And let’s find a nickel to warm-up the Juke Box — with … something just like this!”

¤ Juke Box ¤THEME  Theme, Season II: “Something Just Like This,” Chainsmokers, and Cold Play:




⊕ Editors’ Note: Our Florida Sandhill Crane, although not the “star” of the series, as he

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New Host

may purport, was recently named the Host of a reprise of Season II next summer at Medium.

A replay of Season II begins at Medium in June, 2019.  It will also explore new departures for the Short Story; Pub FX, and Special Effects for Literature. (Photo, courtesy of birdspix fscr.)

Soda-Tom.org will be unavailable from 0400 EST to 1200 EST, November 22, 2018, to present the Season II premiere. ⊕ The site may be unavailable Saturdays from 0400 to 0800 EST to update the official site for the next episode. ⊕ How do we access Part I (“The Shadows”) when Part II begins? Click here: Season I


⊕ Titles by Soda Tom, including the final edition of “The Shadows,” can be downloaded on Tumblr. Click Here. ⊕ All Soda Tom books are also available at Library Service sites. Search Soda Tom at OverDrive, Bibliotheca, and Baker & Taylor. ⊕ The playlist, “Flea Markets, Nos. 1-45,” may be expanded in the course of the series for additional content. 

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